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Here’s what people are saying about Ryan Reed at avvo.com:

Ryan has always been well prepared in regards to my case which gives one peace of mind in a stressful situation regarding legal issues. He is also very responsive and helpful with questions/concerns as well that one may have in the waiting process of court dates. I highly recomend him.

– Quentin

He went above and beyond to assist me. Ryan took my case very seriously and was very respectful during my divorce proceeding. He was able to efficiently prepare paperwork at a quick pace and bring me peace of mind regarding the entire process.

– a Client

Excellent and thorough! Mr. Reed helped complete the adoption of my son. My husband, Andrew, was finally legally appointed my son’s father. It was a great moment! Along every step of the way, Mr. Reed kept us updated and answered all of our questions. He made along and difficult process, much easier to maneuver.

– Erica

One year ago, I made the difficult decision to seek a divorce. The journey through the last months has been both arduous and emotional, redefining my and my children’s lives. The one thread that kept me moving through the process was Mr. Reed’s professionalism and reason. Far too many times, I found myself struggling to understand an event or response from another party. Each time, Mr. Reed brought my attention to focus on truth and practicality–reassuring me, while still offering the analysis each event required. And, many times, he simply encouraged me to laugh at the absurdities, reminding me that humor is a great way of dealing with stressful, unexplainable situations. As I near the end of the year and approach the finality of the divorce, I simply cannot imagine having navigated these particular waters without Mr. Reed’s guidance. His integrity, his professionalism, and his dedication to me and to my children’s futures was and is, without exception, exemplary. Counting my lucky stars we crossed paths. High praise? Perhaps. Well-deserved? Absolutely.

– Christal

I have been a client of Ryan Reed for numerous years. Ryan is determined to do his best when representing me. He is extremely knowledgeable about the laws in which he has a practice for. He is very educated and takes pride in all he has accomplished.

He is organized and always makes sure he has the correct documents and paperwork completed. In my opinion, Ryan is the best attorney in Bowling Green. He is not only a wonderful attorney, I think of him as a family friend. I can call, text, leave a message, or email him at anytime and I always get a prompt response. No matter what may happen in the court room…. Ryan is always professional. Also, Ryan maintains client/lawyer confidentiality! My famous words to Ryan are “your stuck with me”. Honestly he is dedicated, determined, helpful, reliable, intelligent, patient, kind, trust worthy, and prepared!!! To me, my children deserve nothing but the best and that is why Ryan Reed is my attorney!!!

– Laura