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We Care About Families,
So We Care About Family Law Cases

Families can be a source of emotional strength and personal stability when times are tough. But when your family relationships are fragile or already broken — when the family itself is the source of your crisis — you need counsel from an experienced, skillful, and caring family law attorney. Whether you are contemplating divorce, or your spouse has already filed; whether you want to establish custody over children, or change an existing arrangement; or whether you are a domestic violence victim or a wrongfully-accused perpetrator, give us a call. We understand your feelings and your legal needs, and have a record of positive outcomes for our clients in Bowling Green, Kentucky and surrounding areas.

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A family facing divorce is a family in crisis. But that crisis does not have to define your future. We provide hands-on, personal representation and targeted advice to help you and your children move forward on the most constructive terms possible.

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We believe that children are not objects, and should never be treated as objects. Not when married parents are divorcing, and not when unmarried parents are breaking up. We work to resolve custody and timesharing disagreements with a focus on what is best for the children.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, whether actual or claimed, is typically a destructive cycle. We believe families deserve to live free from domestic violence, but also from fabricated claims of domestic violence. The key to breaking either cycle is having the right person advocating for you in Court.

Everyone Deserves a Path Forward

At Reed Law Group we help you find that path.

“One year ago, I made the difficult decision to seek a divorce. The journey through the last months has been both arduous and emotional, redefining my and my children’s lives. The one thread that kept me moving through the process was Mr. Reed’s professionalism and reason. Far too many times, I found myself struggling to understand an event or response from another party. Each time, Mr. Reed brought my attention to focus on truth and practicality–reassuring me, while still offering the analysis each event required . . . “  — Christal