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What’s holding you back?

For Reed Law Group’s clients in South Central Kentucky, it’s usually a broken marriage or an unmanageable co-parent, or sometimes a crash-related injury or a recent DUI arrest. But it’s never their lawyer.

"The things that threaten to hold you back in life - - your spouse or your ex, your health, your record - - can seem like a long list. Your lawyer shouldn’t be on that list. Your lawyer should be helping you move forward.”
- Ryan Reed

At Reed Law Group, we are sharply focused on Moving People Forward in times of family or personal crisis. We deliver caring and experienced counsel to clients in Bowling Green, Kentucky on a wide range of family law matters, and to carefully selected clients with claims for personal injuries and those seeking defense of DUI charges. We’ll remove the obstacle that’s in our client’s way, or lend a hand to them as they power past it, whichever it takes. And we’ll do it all in a client-first, service-driven way that promises our clients will leave in a better place than they were when they found us.

Family Law

Family Law

Delivering caring and experienced help for families in crisis. Representing husbands and wives, moms and dads, grandparents, and even children throughout South Central Kentucky. Handling contested and agreed matters including divorce, child custody/support, timesharing/visitation, EPO/DVO and adoptions.

Personal Injury

Car wrecks and the injuries they cause can be devastating. So can choosing a lawyer who charges too high of a fee. We handle most crash-related injury cases for a 25% legal fee - much less than the 33% to 40% fees charged by other firms. And we don’t get a dime unless you we recover money for you.


Just because you have been charged with a DUI does not mean you have to plead guilty. You have rights, but the only reliable way to assure those rights are defended is to get legal help. Don’t compound your mistake of driving drunk by going to court without a DUI attorney.

"Ensuring a safe child custody exchange is as fundamental a parenting responsibility as placing kids in car safety seats or bicycle helmets. Finding strategies to make those exchanges safer is no more complicated that buckling a car seat or a bike helmet strap."

- Ryan Reed